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Breast Clinics

The breast clinics are staffed with dedicated interdisciplinary team members that specialize in breast cancer and reconstructive surgery. In collaboration, our team works closely with you to provide you with evidence based information and recommendations to ensure you receive the best care possible. We are mindful of clinic wait times and we do our best to ensure the clinic appointments are within one hour.

For patients that are considering immediate breast reconstruction, we try our best to streamline your appointments. When possible, you will see both the breast and plastic surgeon and nurses on the same day to minimize the need for multiple clinic visits especially if you are traveling from afar.


operating rooms

Our large team of plastic and breast surgeons are all cross-appointed at Toronto General Hospital (TGH), Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PMCC), and Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH), and have access to the operating rooms (ORs) at all three hospitals. TGH, PMCC, and MSH share an unifying vision to provide our patients with the highest level of patient care for breast cancer surgery and reconstruction. Due to the availability of operating rooms resources across three hospitals, our patients generally have rapid access to the operating room with minimal wait-times. Depending on your plastic surgeon and your breast surgeon, or the combination of your surgeons if you are receiving mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction, you may be offered OR at any of these hospitals.

TGH has over twenty state-of-the-art operating rooms and more complex operations are performed in its ORs each year than any other hospital in Canada. There are numerous operating room suites that are equipped with diagnostic imaging equipment such as MRI scanner, CT scanner, or angiography to allow precise image-guided surgery. There are a number of robotic assisted surgical suites to allow for less invasive surgeries with reduced postoperative morbidity. In our plastic and reconstructive OR suites, we use state-of-the-art operating room microscopes and microsurgical equipment to perform highly complex and precise microsurgery when using that patient’s autologous tissue for breast reconstruction.

At PMCC, there are two operating rooms in addition to a private area for preoperative assessment and postoperative recovery.

These operating rooms are highly efficient and effective for smaller day surgery and over-night procedures. The close proximity to the Radiology department and Nuclear Medicine Suite for sentinel lymph node mapping and preoperative breast imaging make these operating rooms ideal for lumpectomy and oncoplastic breast surgery or mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction using tissue expanders or implants. There is an entire renovated floor in the hospital for patients admitted overnight after their breast surgery.

The Marvelle Koffler Breast Center at Mount Sinai Hospital is a dedicated Breast Cancer multidisciplinary facility that incorporates breast surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, medical oncologists and geneticists. It is conveniently located adjacent to the Breast Imaging Facility. The centre provides integrated and coordinated medical care for women with breast cancer and also offers a number of complementary wellness programs.

Mount Sinai Hospital currently has 12 operating rooms and is fully equipped to perform all types of reconstructive breast surgery. Mount Sinai Hospital is undergoing major development and a new state of the art operating room facility is under construction.

We also have access to the Surgical Day Ward facilities at Toronto Western Hospital for more minor procedures such as implant exchanges and revisions.

Location of Our Clinics

    • Princess Margaret Hospital

    • 610 University Avenue, M5G 2C1
    • 2nd Floor, M. Lau Breast Centre
    • Toronto General Hospital

    • 200 Elizabeth Street, M5G 2C4
    • 7th Floor, Plastics Clinic
    • Mount Sinai Hospital

    • 600 University Avenue, M5G 1X5
    • 12th Floor, Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre