The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook

The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook deals with issues and questions you may have about mastectomy and reconstruction.

Canadian Cancer Society

Our Cancer Information Service
Since 1996, we've answered over one-million inquiries about cancer.
We're here to help.
The information you receive is confidential and tailored to your needs.
Call toll-free 1 888 939-3333/TTY 1 886 786-3934
Cancer can be difficult to understand and coping can be stressful. It helps to have someone you can talk to and trust for reliable information.
Our Information Service is a national, bilingual, toll-free service available to cancer patients, their families, the general public and healthcare professionals.
We take time to answer your questions in clear understandable terms and search for the information you need about:

  • all types of cancer
  • cancer treatment and side effects
  • clinical trials
  • coping with cancer
  • emotional support services
  • prevention
  • help in the community
  • complementary and alternative therapies

Our service is available Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in English and French. For other languages, we can access an interpreter service.

Caring Voices

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Region

Caring Voices is an online community for Survivors, offering opportunities to learn and interact with others from the comfort of home, at any time. The resources you find on Caring Voices are all reviewed by patient education specialists and clinicians at Princess Margaret Hospital and carefully selected to spark discussions and comments by Caring Voices users.

Wellspring is an innovative network of centers providing high-quality cancer support, education and coping skills to a growing number of individuals, family members and professional caregivers in Canada.

The PMH Breast Cancer Survivorship Program

If you have not been referred to the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program yet, please ask your breast or plastic surgeon to do so.

Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care

Facing a serious illness such as cancer can be very distressing. At Princess Margaret Hospital, help is available for any patients or family members having difficulty coping with their illness or treatment. Staff in Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care have expertise in providing supportive care and assistance through this difficult time. We provide a range of services including pain and symptom management, psychological and spiritual counselling, psychiatric assessment and treatment and assistance with social and financial difficulties.

Rethink Breast Cancer

Launched in 2001, Rethink is the first-ever, Canadian breast cancer charity to bring bold, relevant awareness to the under-40 crowd; foster a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters; infuse sass and style into the cause; and, most importantly, respond to the unique needs of young (or youngish) women going through it.

The University of Toronto Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

For more information on clinical, teaching, and research programs available through the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada

A national not-for-profit organization that provides free information and support to anyone affected by breast cancer.

Xiaolan Health Centre

The goal of Xiaolan Health Centre is to be a model for this superior approach to health care. We bring together the best of the world’s great medical traditions, taking the time required to assess, diagnose and develop an individual plan of treatment for each patient. At the same time, we educate people on what caused their health issues in the first place and give them the tools they need to achieve and sustain wellness throughout their lives.