Using state of the art techniques in microsurgery, we perform more than 150 breast reconstructions using perforator flaps each year without sacrificing any muscle function. The most common procedure that we perform is the DIEP flap. Our complication rates are extremely low, below 1% for total flap loss (average is around 5%). We produce consistently, high-quality results that reflect a close collaboration with our skilled breast surgeons and experienced operating room and hospital nurses.

In addition, we perform about 200 other types of breast reconstruction per year, using autologous tissue and implants. Our clinical volume of breast reconstruction is among the highest in the country. This has given us the expertise to excel in breast restorative techniques. Our team of caring and compassionate staff led by Drs. Hofer and Zhong will provide you with the highest level of personalized care before, during and after your surgery.

We are a major teaching center for the University of Toronto Plastic Surgery Residency Program. We train three international fellows in microsurgery, oncologic and breast reconstruction annually. We have the largest volume of breast reconstruction training program postgraduates, as well as the longest history for a microsurgical training program in Canada.

Multi-disciplinary Breast Care Team
We cannot succeed without the excellent contribution from the members of our multi-disciplinary team. We work very closely with the Breast Surgical Oncology Group at University Health Network. Our close collaboration allows for timely access to immediate breast reconstruction (at the same time as the mastectomy).

Our breast team is composed of the Breast Surgical Oncology Group led by Dr. David McCready. In addition, Dr.'s Leong, Escallon, Easson, Reedjik and Cil perform the latest techniques of skin sparing mastectomy and sentinel node mapping. Their offices are located adjacent to our Breast Reconstruction Clinic at Princess Margaret Hospital, and coordinated timely consultations can be arranged.

In addition, our interdisciplinary team includes one clinical nurse specialist at each of our UHN clinics (Princess Margaret Hospital and Toronto General Hospital), floor nurses, physiotherapists specializing in post-breast surgery rehabilitation, high qualified home-care nurses and other health care workers. This team approach provides coordinated treatment and comprehensive care.

Furthermore, in addition to the complete array of surgical procedures offered by our program, research efforts to analyze our current surgical methods with the goal of providing the top level of care to our patients is a major focus of The Breast Reconstruction Program.